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Romantic Backstory of the “For The Love Of Symphony” T-shirt Design

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The backstory of our “For the Love of Symphony” design on our tees is a love story. It is a story of how I met my husband, Bruce.  He is a violinist. He is the Music Director of the Mallette String Quartet. He is a talented arranger and composer.


And he’s my honey!

Symphony is how I met my husband

There he was, sitting in the first violin section of a local orchestra for which I was a volunteer. From a distance, he looked handsome. But what caught my eye more was the fact that he didn't smile very much. "I bet I could make him happy," I mused.

So for three months I proceeded to do everything I could to get this man's attention. I walked in a way to cause my then long blond curls to bounce. Nothing. I wore red and talked loud. Nothing. I wore short dresses and high heels. Nothing. Nothing I did capture this man's attention. 

Then one night at the post-concert party, which I regularly attended, but he did not, he was there. And as luck would have it, he was talking to Brian, someone I knew. I took a deep breath and approached them.


As this man I'd been trying to steal a glance from for three months set his eyes upon me, I nearly fainted. Not only was he drop dead gorgeous in his tuxedo, but his eyes were also green. GREEN! I MELT for green eyes. Somewhere I heard me say "hi" to Brian. Brian performed the introductions. "Linnaea, this is Bruce. Bruce, this is Linnaea.” Then, he did the unthinkable. HE WALKED AWAY! 

Talk about awkward silence! Bruce turned to walk away too, and I reached out and touched him on the shoulder. "Wait, please. I've wanted to talk with you for three months!" He turned with a surprised look on his face. I continued, "…would you mind coming into the kitchen to talk with me; I am hearing-impaired, and the music in this room would make hearing you tough." He conceded. We chatted in the kitchen for over an hour. We went out on our first date two weeks later and have been together now for  nearly 30 years. 

 Ladies, don't wait by the phone for that person to call. Consider taking a risk and making the first move. I've heard from MANY men that it is refreshing not to have to be the one to initiate an encounter.



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