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The Story Behind the Funny Dog and Cat Movie Tees

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The funny tees that read, “I don’t care who dies in the movie as long as the dog (or cat) lives” were inspired by our lifestyle.  My husband and I end nearly every day with 30-90 minutes of TV.  On the weekends, we often enjoy a movie.  When it is just us, our cat Wilson joins us by snuggling on my lap. 
Cat on Lap
“So,” you may ask yourself, “where does the dog come in.?”

The dog tee was designed with a couple in mind that we’ve enjoyed movie nights with for over a decade.  They are dog lovers.  As fate would have it, my husband is allergic to dogs (not cats, thankfully), so Don and Barbara always come to our home for dinner first, then a movie.   Nearly every visit, they share funny stories and share cute photos of their two dogs on their phones.

Given that, how could we resist creating tees in honor of one of our favorite pastimes as a couple, and with friends?
Cat Lives Movie ShirtDog Lives Movie T-shirt

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