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The story behind the "My Pit is a Love" Tee

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I will never forget my first encounter with a Pitbull (also known as American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.)    It was long ago at a BBQ pool party.  Here was this pit running around the pool - and I was trying to avoid it.  I was all too familiar with the “mean biting dog” reputation. 

Later in the afternoon. I was sitting on the sofa,  and this pit came bounding on my lap.  I was scared only for a few seconds, as this lover started wagging his tail and covering my face with kisses.  I fell in love with that dog. I spent the rest of the day enjoying his company. 

Since then I have encountered dozens of Pits and I have yet to meet one who was mean, yet alone a biter.  I am convinced that it is the owners that cause these dogs to be mean.  I was expressing this opinion to a friend when I said, “Pits are a love, and that’ s no bull!”

Well, the rest is history…        

Here is a cute video that shows just how lovable these dogs are:

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