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A Certain Conversation Starter - the "Alan, Alan, Alan" tee

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You know how it is.  You are on YouTube looking at one thing, and somehow you end up watching videos on topics you never knew existed.  That is the story behind the "Alan, Alan, Alan!" tee.

I stumbled on the BBC Talking Animal videos.  I thought I was going to die laughing.  If you’ve not experienced them, do a google search "BBC TALKING ANIMALS" and they will come up.

One of the funniest, for me, is the "Alan, Alan, Alan" video of a little groundhog (I think it is a groundhog) calling out "Alan"; 

We discovered this as a real conversation starter when one person smiled and said, "Oh, Brilliant! I LOVE the BBC taking animals."  The conversation went on from there.  Another person asked, "What is "Alan, Alan, Alan." about - at which point we called up the video on our phone and showed it to her. 

Whether people know of the BBC talking animals, or they don't, this tee will start the conversation every time.

Here is the critter that inspired our tee




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