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A Valentine's Memory

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One of our latest tee designs, A Rose is a Rose, was inspired, in part, by my mom.Rose is a Rose Tee


My mom was a master memory-maker. She was always doing things that were unusual, unexpected, and uncharacteristic - the components of unforgettable memories.

Mom, having grown up as the oldest child in a family of six during the great depression, didn’t believe in paying a lot of money for a greeting card. She would hit bargain-base stores like Pic ‘n Save (now called “Big Lots") or the 99-cent store and buy silly things and mail them. Unwrapped. Through US mail. It is unbelievable what my mom would send. And I’m certain the Woodland Hills Post Office will never forget the items passing through with the "Campo Road" return address hanging off them.

One year dozens and dozens of people opened their mailboxes on Valentine’s Day to find an artificial long stem rose. So endearing was this one act, that it was mentioned at her memorial service. And not only was it a great memory for the receiver, imagine the fun the mail persons had delivering the roses!

Of course, Mom had a blast sending them.  Wonderful memories.  I think our popular "A Rose is a Rose" tee would make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for the love in your life.


A Rose is a Rose

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