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Extending the Life of your T-shirt book is an Amazon Best Seller

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In July Neatees design team member, Circe Denyer, published a book on how to extend the life of your favorite t-shirts. 


Amazon Best Seller!

This informative yet fun book became an Amazon Best Seller! The book is a sharing of the information gleaned about t-shirt clothing care, 100% cotton fabrics and blends, and how to keep a favorite tee looking good for a longer period of time. It covers laundry techniques, storage care and all done in a humorous voice with pictures.  Said, one reviewer:

I never learned so much about shirts and how they need to be cared for... It was very informative. I laughed a lot while reading it.

The Inspiration for the book:

Many years ago, Circe was visiting her mother-in-law, Elaine, in Texas, when Elaine was still alive. Her mother-in-law had a cupboard in the hall by the bathroom. On one visit, Circe had not packed enough cooler clothes for the weather in Texas, so Elaine went to that cupboard. When she opened it, Circe saw the largest collection of T-shirts ever, there on the shelves. 

It was a remarkable sight to see. Each one folded on the shelf. The best part of it was that Elaine could recall where each one came from and the story behind its purchase. 

Elaine gave Circe two shirts that visit, and today, more than 10 years later, she still wears them. She still remembers Elaine. She wishes she had more of Elaine’s shirts. She’s grateful she knows how to care for them so they last. 

Care for your t-shirts

Did you ever carelessly toss a dark shirt into a load of wash then forget to turn the water temperature to cold? Yes. we wish that were not true. This book will help you keep, and prolong the life of, your favorite tee.


Amazon Best Selling Book on T-shirt care

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