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Happy National Weatherperson's Day

Fritz Coleman Toastmasters weatherman's Day weatherperson

February 5th is National Weatherperson’s Day, which is also known as National Weatherman’s Day, is a day to honor all individuals in the fields of meteorology, weather forecasting, and broadcast meteorology.

This annual holiday commemorates the birthday of John Jeffries who was born on this day in 1744. Dr. Jeffries, a scientist and a surgeon, is considered to be one of America’s first weather observers. He kept weather records from 1774 to 1816. Jeffries took his first balloon observation in 1784.

Predicting “Mother Nature” and what path she may choose, is a very daunting task even with the most state-of-the-art technology. Knowing the weather forecast is valuable to us in so many ways. We often look to the forecast to plan our activities for upcoming days. It affects what we do, how we dress, where we go or even if we go at all.

Los Angeles Weatherman, Fritz Coleman

When I think of weatherperson, I think of Fritz Coleman, the weathercaster for KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, California. He is famously funny, and two of us designers had the pleasure of seeing him live at a Toastmasters Conference in 2012.

Toastmasters ( a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to the development of speaking and leadership skills) has a Communication and Leadership Award (C&L) that leaders can give to persons of the local community who are not Toastmasters yet exemplify communication and leadership skills. In 2012, Fritz Coleman was our District 52 C&L recipient. After presented with our C&L award by the then District Governor, Carolyn Cousins-Goldman, Fritz entertained us for a good 30 minutes or so. It was just fabulous.

For reasons unknown, the professional video was never made available. But I did take some videos with my small camera from where I was sitting. These have never been processed or posted, so you are seeing this for the first time. Audio and visual not the greatest, but the moments moment is captured.

You’ll see, Fritz is a very funny man, and Los Angeles is LUCKY to have had him as our weatherperson!



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