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How the Lips Reading Shirt can Help

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I didn't realize until an adult why, as a child, I was so frightened of those famous Disney characters walking around Disneyland.

Linnaea with a santa that has lips covered up so there are no lips to read  

Or why I wasn't thrilled about sitting on the lap of Santa Claus at the shopping malls. I was scared because I had NO idea what they were saying to me. No lips to read! I didn't know I was lip reading in my young age, but we all do to some degree. This costume-with-no-lips phenomena is still a problem, even as an adult. I don't do costume parties, and I don't do Santa Claus - unless Santa is my good friend Jimmy.

Saturday at a Christmas party

My good friend Jim hosts the most lavish Holiday party in his beautiful Victorian house in Pasadena. Festivities include Jimmy dressing up as Santa and giving the women a gift. As you can see, Jim's lips are completely covered by Santa's beard. Earlier in the evening Jim and I were comparing notes on how we deal with questions we just don't hear (he is hard-of-hearing, too): "I just say 'yes' and hope I haven't agreed to something I'll be unhappy about." I said. Jim responded, "I just say 'no' so I haven't agreed to something I'll be unhappy about." That is the "joke" behind my saying "yes" and "no" to Jimmy's questions in this video. The cross sign I did is sign-language for "You're in big trouble." Not that I do sign language, but earlier in the day I saw the cross sign when I was looking up how to sign my closing sentence in a TEDx talk I'm giving about hearing loss. Here is the video of me with Santa:

        Can't Read Your Lips T-shirt

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