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Neateeshirts Wishes you a Happy National Color Day.

Love Comes In All Colors Cat T-shirt


It is hard to imagine a world without color.

There are two days devoted to the colors on Earth: International Colour Day, established by the International Colour Association and celebrated Mar. 21 each year, and National Color Day, an unofficial U.S. holiday of unknown origin celebrated on Thursday, Oct. 22.

National Color Day is meant to put a focus on appreciating color. After all, colors accent our homes and feed our creativity, allowing us to express ourselves.  Different colors are perceived to mean different things. The following is one rendition of the perceived meaning of the various colors in the United States.

Red: Excitement – Love – Strength
Yellow: Competence – Happiness
Green: Good Taste – Envy – Relaxation
Blue: Corporate – High Quality
Pink: Sophistication – Sincerity
Violet/Purple: Authority – Power
Brown: Ruggedness

Love comes in all colors!

We at Neateeshirts appreciate color! In fact, one of our shirts focuses on color. It is one of our best-sellers! "Love comes in All Colors" cat t-shirt. When Neatees designer Linnaea wore hers in Paris, she received numerous compliments about the shirt.

What’s your favorite color? Express yourself through color...and our Tees with Personality!



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