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One, Two, Three, FOUR! Cochlear Implant T-shirts

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It all started with the "I love my Cochlear Spiral Heart Tee. I saw a cochlear implant for the first time when my friend and business partner received hers. It was a tiny spiral that would be inserted where her natural one existed. That spiral has come up in my experiences ever since. One of those experiences was a piece of graphic art we were using to separate text in her recent book Hearing Loss CPR, Keep the Connection Alive. I loved that little spiral and I decided to design a t-shirt using its shape. The heart pattern was available to me, so the
t-shirt was born!

Then, I got an idea. The cochlear implant is so smart that it transforms vibration into impulses that the brain can interpret as language. I heard a saying in my head that just made me laugh. "My Cochlear is smarter than your Kindergartner."  I kept playing with the idea of doing a t-shirt with that written ion it. Somehow it needed a little twist. I got the inspiration to change Kindergartner to "student of the month" because I felt more people would relate to the saying. Thus the My Cochlear is Smarter than your Student of the Month T-Shirt came to be. I worked it up in two lettering colors, black and white to be available in more colors. I then realized that there are spouses who appreciate the cochlear implant. The "My Spouse's Cochlear" t-shirt was born.

This is often how the design process happens for me as a Neateeshirt designer. One idea or conversation leads to another and another.

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