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The Backstory of our Hamster Power T-shirt

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A hamster is not a cat, but it is an adorable pet.

What’s this all about?  Well, when we started our t-shirt store, two of the three Neateeshirt designers - Bruce and me (Linnaea) - enjoyed a third family member named Wilson. He was a fat yellow Tabby cat.



Wilson crossed the rainbow bridge on June 19, 2017. He was sixteen years old. The loss of Wilson was so severe; we decided we just could not go through another cat lifecycle. But, I just love having a furry something in the house, so we compromised. In May I got me a Hamster!

We are still trying to determine if Hammy is a boy or a girl. But for sure, Hammy is a cutie. Sleeps all day, plays all night. Holding it is sheer delight.

So, it seemed only appropriate to create a t-shirt inspired by this darling creature. The third Neateeshirts designer, Circe, and I came up with the Hamster Power design t-shirts. We like it! Do you?



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