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The Backstory of the Latest Addition to our Hearing Loss T-shirts

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Neatee designer Linnaea has been profoundly hard-of-hearing since birth.  She has authored two books about hearing loss, and is frequently asked to speak on the topic to organizations and groups.  She has developed a website devoted to helping with the challenges of hearing loss at

Neatees has designed some t-shirts to assist the hard-of-hearing.  This latest one, "I can't hear you when you cover your mouth,"  is a visual representation of what it is like when a hearing impaired person needs to read lips that are being covered.

Says Linnaea about what can affect her ability to read lips:

  • Hands in front of mouth
  • Bushy mustaches
  • Mouth full of food
  • Dark environment
  • Dentures that flap when a person is talking
  • Super exaggerated lip movements (doesn’t help)
  • Person not looking at her

So our latest t-shirt is designed to remind people to make sure their lips are clearly visible if conversing with someone who has a hearing loss.




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