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The Inspiration for the Coffee Tees

Ah, I love, love, LOVE coffee.  I live for that cup of coffee in the morning! 

Linnaea drinking coffee in Europe

I remember my very first cup of coffee...

I was 17 years old living with my boyfriend and his family.  He asked me if I'd like a cup of coffee. I told him I never had one.  So he mixed up this big cup that tasted like hot chocolate.  It was a cold, windy day, I was sleepy, and that cup of coffee was, well, a life changer.

How much do I love coffee?  I often joke that when I die, to bury me in coffee beans.  I've tried to kick the coffee habit probably six times in my life. But I always return to enjoy it.  I don't drink tons of it.  The MOST I have on any given day is 4 cups.  But generally, it is 2 -3 cups.  I used to drink 1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular coffee, but the chemicals for decaf made my heart beats irregular, so I don't do decaf except occasionally - especially if in the evening after a dinner.

My husband doesn't like to drink coffee; but he sure loves the SMELL of coffee.  He often says, "If coffee tasted like it smells, I'd love it."  My good friend and business partner Circe Denyer loves coffee too, but not as much as I. Coffee is my daily routine.  It is not hers.

Fresh Coffee a Must

However, I am very particular about the freshness of my coffee. It must be fresh.  At home, I use a cold brew system to make my coffee. That way, the coffee stays refrigerated, and I can have a delicious, fresh cup of coffee anytime I want.  I've enjoyed the Toddy Coffee System since 2012.   Acid and impurities strained during the process make for a truly fantastic cup of coffee.

When away from home,  fresh coffee can pose a challenge.  I cannot handle coffee that has sat in a pot on a burner for 20 minutes or more.   Quick-stop store employees scowl at me as I pick up their pots of coffee and smell them for freshness. My nose can tell if coffee is old.    Thankfully, more and more vendors are using pump pots for their coffee.  Coffee doesn't "burn" in pump pots. 

Coffee Rituals

Speaking of pump-pots, I have a very special coffee ritual I enjoy when visiting Vermont in October. First thing after I get dressed in the morning, I walk about 1 1/2 block to this delightful farm store called Mazza's and get a cup of coffee. Their coffee is in drip coffee pot.

Broad view of the Grounds of Mazza's in Vermont

Then I walk 2 miles to a gas station that has like 20 pump pots of a variety of coffee and get a second cup.  From there I cross the street and enjoy my second cup of coffee while taking in the spectacular view of Mallett's Bay.  I sit on the bench you see in the photo below.  Bliss.

 Pump Pots at a Vermont Quick Stop StoreBench at Mallett's Bay, Vermont

Given my love of Jo, it is no surprise, I have added some coffee-themed t-shirts in our store.  Designer Circe came up with these three. I just love them. 

Coffee tees at Neateshirts

In summary, fresh coffee is one of the great pleasures in life. Is it yours?


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