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The story behind the “My Heart Belongs to a Scottie Tee”

Simply put, my heart DOES being to a Scottie.

Linnaea with Scottie named Jake


But not just one. Several. A good friend of mine that I’ve known since the mid 70’s always has Scottie Dogs. Obviously, through the years, we outlive the dogs, so he’s had several. Every one of them absolutely delightful with unique, charming personalities 

Below is a video taken in 2012 of me playing with two of Jimmy’s Scottie dog puppies at that time, Jake and Molly.


The sad story is the white dog, Jake, was poisoned by a depraved neighbor…so only Molly was left for a while until Jim got Maggie in 2014. Here is a picture of me with Maggie.

Linnaea with Scottie named Maggie


Jimmy lives in a huge Victorian house in Pasadena. It is now a historical landmark. Every holiday he throws this fantastic party so we can enjoy this magnificent house decorated to the hilt. It could take the center spread of a Victorian Christmas magazine. He begins decorating in November, and lately he still doesn’t get ALL of the decorations up. He has different Christmas tree themes every year. Here is a photo of me with Jim from a few years back:

Linnaea with friend Jimmy

 I look so forward to this party, especially since my husband and one of his quartet members, play duo tunes at the party. 

So, long story short, the “My heart belongs to a Scottie” tee was inspired by the Scottie’s I’ve been lucky enough to hold and to love.

Heart Belongs To Scottie T-shirt



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