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The Story behind the Ostrich Shirt

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In 2016, Circe and I took a 2 ½ hour drive from Los Angeles to Tehachapi for an unforgettable experience with Ostriches.


Located in the mountains – 4,000 feet - outside of the drier hotter deserts and valleys surrounding it, it enjoys the four seasons.  When we visited in January, 2016,  it was mighty cold. The temperatures dropped as low as the high 40’s to low 50’s with a strong wind chill factor.

I had never been there, so I thoroughly enjoyed the historic railroad and train depot, the inspiring Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm, and, most fun, the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch.

Highlights of Tehachapi

Indian Point Ostrich Ranch

The ranch was established in 1992 and is one of the largest Ostrich ranches in the Western United States. The "Ostrich Bonding Experience"  afforded us the hysterical opportunity to feed the gigantic birds.

It was quite a drive from historic downtown Tehachapi to the ranch. A rural mountainous area that is just beautiful.  When we finally arrived, a half-dozen of those funny faces poked over the fence to welcome us.  It was VERY windy and cold, so we bundled up, took a few photos, and headed for the gift shop.  For $5.00 each, we got an aluminum bowl with food in it on a long stick - sort of like a broom stick handle.   “Be careful of your cameras,”  the clerk warned, “They have eaten cell phones.”

I nearly wet my pants  laughing while feeding these birds. And, eat a phone or camera? Indeed!  Here is a photo of an ostrich's big mouth going for my camera:


We went through two rounds of the feeding fest, taking tons of photos and laughing until it hurt.  Here is a video of the adventure:


Visiting the ranch itself was just the beginning of the fun.  The photos of these birds inspired some creative uses for quote images. And, of course, the inspiration for our Ostrich tee and coffee mug.

Grass Always Greener Ostrich

Ostrich t-shirtHappy Ostrich Face MugPatient Quote Ostrich

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