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Three Christmas Tees from Neatees

Designer Circe Denyer is so creative.  But when it came to Christmas shirts she just couldn't think of what to design.  She wanted something clever; not the common type of t-shirts you often see for the holidays.

Then she saw the two quotes:  "Dear Santa, Define Good" and "Naughty or Nice? Decisions, Decisions' - and was inspired.  The rest is history.  Available are shirts with these two quotes on them in a few different shades of green and red.

The "HO HO HO" shirt was pure inspiration birthed from Circe's sense of play.  The design was created completely from a different type of fonts.  The snowflakes are asterisks, and the square blocks are the letter "I."  The "HO HO HO" shirt was probably the shirt most fun for her to create. 

The shirts can be bought with a $7 savings with our Black Friday sale that ends 12/31/16.  Enter "BLKFRI" - all caps - in the shopping cart.  Note the shirts take two weeks to arrive in your mail box after you order them - they are printed on demand. So if you wish to wear these a few days before or during Christmas Day, order by December 5th. 

Now Circe is working on t-shirts for the holidays coming up in 2017, like Valentines Day. Watch for the posts!








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